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I'm standing here, left alone, in a circle which slowly closes. You're standing outside, one feet away, we are talking laughing, but you're still far away. I can not handle it, seeing you every day and pretend that there's nothing. Sometimes you seem to come closer, but there is the line which holds you back from being more than just a friend. I interpret too much, think about every possible sign you might have shown. It's been a while for now, I don't want to cry alltimes while walking home anymore. So here I say it out loud and hope these words are heard by you: the sparkle in your eyes, you sometimes just show, makes me higher than watching Pink Floyd on the first row, your strong nature makes me want to dig deeper until every stone is gone, so I can hold you in my arms and
show that you are not alone. only one tear in your eyes would mean the world to me, but I realise life goes on, there is still some hope left and I hate myself for that. Would the easiest thing be to just let you go. The crossing of our paths of life has marked me deep so I confess myself that I'm in love with you.

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